In the dynamic world of construction, our builders place immense value on communication with homeowners. This transparent communication is not just about conveying instructions; it's about creating a two-way dialogue where ideas and feedback flow freely, leading to innovation and improvement in construction practices. Our builders are not just workers; they are vital contributors to the construction process, bringing their expertise and insights to every project. Their understanding of the necessity for clear, ongoing communication ensures that every construction task is not only completed with precision but also aligns with the client's vision and expectations all at a fraction of the price. Search for us online, our reviews speak for themselves


Silkrise Construction

We are committed to fostering strong bonds with our clients and tradespeople through diligent work. Our extensive background in construction, amplified by our frequent collaborations in Manchester, has enabled us to establish robust industry connections. These relationships are pivotal in ensuring that our building projects meet and exceed client expectations, both in terms of quality and timeliness. In Manchester, we consistently employ advanced air sealing and energy efficiency methods. This approach ensures that our construction projects in Manchester not only excel in energy performance but also provide enhanced comfort, health, and safety. Our team of builders in Manchester is skilled in leveraging these techniques, making every construction endeavor a testament to our commitment to excellence..

Residential Projects

We build magnificent residential projects. Architecturally designed new home, knock down rebuild, two-storey extensions, lofts, landscaping, pool additions and more, the residential component of the Silkroad Construction encompasses a complete range of services and trades to ensure a stunning result.

New Homes

We’d be happy to work with you to create a custom home for the way you live today.


Need more living space? Get in touch for our affordable home extension packages.


We are committed to our customers and ensure they get the best loft they want.


We build luxury flats for you and your family to live in.

Commercial Projects

We design, construct and fit-out the buildings in which you go to work. From well designed Flats, office towers, Shops, Warehouses, extensive refurbishments and new fit-outs of existing office buildings.


Looking for shop construction or renovation? You are on a right place.


We offer office construction, architectural upgrade and renovation services.


Offering warehouse repair, warehouse renovation and new construction.


Offering best-in-class contractor services for commercial flats.

Everything we do is underpinned by our core values of responsibility, dynamism and teamwork.

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Our Core Values

Our business is driven by three key values: honesty, professionalism, and teamwork, values that are deeply ingrained in our approach to every project in Manchester. Our builders embody these principles, ensuring that honesty is the foundation of all our interactions with clients and colleagues. Our builders uphold professionalism in every aspect of their work, from initial planning to final execution.

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